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Turfscreen - Your turf needs sunscreen too!


UVB Radiation has been proven to negatively affect plant health, root mass and yield. The deteriorating ozone layer is now allowing up to 30% more UVB radiation to reach earth. All plants - including turf - are susceptible to sunburn and solar stress from UVB radiation

TurfScreen™ is a revolutionary product engineered, tested and proven to protect turf from damaging ultraviolet rays and to improve overall turf quality. Formulated with Enhanced Solar Protection, Turf Screen contains the only all-natural ingredients approved by the FDA for use to prevent sunburn.

Turf Screen is 100% safe on turf, 100% safe on the environment and 100% independently evaluated to improve turf quality - even during extreme heat and rainy periods.

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How It Works

The active ingredients in TurfScreen — titanium dioxide and zinc oxide — reflect, scatter, and absorb both UVA and UVB rays. Using new technology, the particle sizes of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have been reduced, making them more transparent without losing their ability to screen UV.

TurfScreen blocks up to 76% of harmful UVB rays.


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