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About Triterra


Microbial activity is essential to good soil health. Good bugs break down organic matter, solubilize calcium and other granular fertilizers. The problem is…the microbial population is constantly under pressure. Heat, fungicides, pesticides, compaction and water logged soil kill off good healthy bugs and decrease the populations.

Not to worry, Mother Nature always brings them back. But…this takes time. By adding microbes to the soil you can SPEED UP the recovery time and get those populations back to where they need to be. Let’s face it, you need them.

Historically, the only way to do this was buy some “bugs in a jug” or an equally suspect product that looked like sawdust. Most of us have tried it once or twice but couldn’t cost justify doing all the time. Although there are some good products out there, using it once or twice was never enough to “see something.”

With the Triterra system, you can produce live, active, microbial culture on-site, every day. The unit produces more than 30 Trillion microbes everyday. (That’s the equivalent of hundreds of gallons of these “bugs in a jug” products). The microbes can be put out via sprayer, fertigation or discharged daily into irrigation holding ponds and watered into the soil.

For more information download the Triterra brochure.

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