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Next GenerationPhoenix Environmental Care offers a huge range of turf & ornamental pesticides and growth regulators—along with aquatic herbicides and algaecides—that can help you do your job more efficiently and economically. Better yet, they’re industry favorites you already trust.

Phoenix products use only the highest-quality active ingredients which must be equal to—and are often better than—the originals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially certifies that. Our improved ‘NexGen’ formulations also use newer technological innovations in manufacturing to further assure superior product integrity.

Extensive tests prove that Phoenix products work consistently and reliably. Turf and aquatic applicators who use our products say they’re completely satisfied. Many Phoenix fungicides also show exceptional performance in resistance management.

Phoenix Environmental Care products are much more than just plain “generics.” Several of our enhanced, post-patent formulations represent a whole new category of distinctive, top-quality, high-performing pesticides. In fact, they even deserve a unique name: NexGen...the next generation of post-patent chemistries. When you choose a product with the NexGen label, you can be sure it represents only the best active ingredients and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for improved performance.

Best of all, NexGen reformulations signify unbeatable value and performance: New university testing proves that NexGen products actually outperform traditional formulations—and make your pesticide dollars go farther.

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